Ceramic Custom Poker Chips + Aligned Edge Spots/Smooth (Sun-Fly) max. 1,17 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
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Ceramic Custom Poker Chips + Aligned Edge Spots/Smooth (Sun-Fly)
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Sliding-scale prices
1-499 pcs per 1,17 EUR
500-799 pcs per 1,12 EUR
800-999 pcs per 1,08 EUR
1000-1499 pcs per 1,04 EUR
1500-4999 pcs per 1,00 EUR
5000-9999 pcs per 0,96 EUR
> 10000 pcs per 0,92 EUR

Create your own design.

The minimum quantity allowed is 300 chips total. The following sceme shows an overview of the minimum quantities and maximum different denominations:

Min. quantity of chips:
Min. quantity of chips per denomination:
Number of inclusive-denominations

300 chips
50 chips
3 with 300 chips
4 with 500 chips
6 with 1000 chips
8 with 2000 chips
+1 every 500 chips

If you need a further denomination or don't reach the minimum quantity of a denomination you can naturally order them, but have to pay a little extra fee of 20 Euro.

If you want a preview of the finished chips, we can
- print and send prototype chips of your designs or
- print and send you a picture of the prototype chips.

The prices for prototype chips are:
- chips with aligned edgespots: 5,50 Euro per Chip
- chips without aligned edgespots: 3,70 Euro per Chip
- additional shipping costs for 1-19 chips: 35,90 Euro
- additional shipping costs for 20-69 chips: 42,90 Euro
- additional shipping costs for 70-119 chips: 49,90 Euro
If you just want a picture of you produced prototype chips - you don't have to pay the additional shipping costs.

You can create your designs in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop Pro. Vector based images in CMYK colors is recommended but not required. We accept all file types in Illustrator and Photoshop including JPG. All images must be of high quality and have a resolution of no less than 300 dpi. The design needs to be 39.6 mm in diameter for the front and back and 124 x 3.3 mm for the edge (see below).

Text on the rolling edge is optional and free of charge. We can print pretty much anything on the edges including diagonal patterns and photographs. With a photograph you can create a stacker puzzle edge design. What this means is that the chips form a picture on their edges when rotated or stacked correctly.
Seperate back and front design is free of charge.
We can also offer aligned edge spots (picture below)! This is very rarely seen on ceramic chips and are extremely difficult to do. The market leading company can not even offer this and they are the ceramic chip supplier for some of the largest casinos in the world! Unfortunately we have to charge a fee of 0.25 Euro per chip as 4 out of 5 chips end up in the trash when trying to align the edges. It is that hard to do! But in this offer the extra-fee is already included!
We can help you with your designworks if you have any problems - but have to charge some extra fee.

The surface of our custom chips is textured. If you like your chips with a smooth surface you can order your chips smooth. This option is available with or without aligned edgespots.

It is also possible that you get your chips with different front and back sides.

Our Sun-Fly chips are of top quality, weighs 10½ grams each and measure 39.4 x 3.3 mm - just like the ceramic chips in Las Vegas!

We recommend to order samples first, so you can figure if your chips should be smooth or textured. Aslo we recommend to order prototypes first, so you can see and feel especially your design on our chips.

How to order:
1. Place in the chartbox the quantiy of chips you want to order (field below).
2. If you checkout, place the quantity of each chip and your special wishes into the commentbox.
3. Send your designs to info@jokerchips.de.
4. If you have any questions or want to change something with the designs or chips (as long as they aren't in production) - fell free to ask: info@jokerchips.de.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 03. February 2007.

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