Reviews to: New Pharaoh's Club Denom (Big Inlay) - Sample Set (9 Chips)

New Pharaoh's Club Denom (Big Inlay) - Sample Set (9 Chips)
Date: Wednesday, 13. July 2011
Author: Giovanni Arangio

Great chips for the price, they arent Paulsons, but then they cost less than half!

They sound fantastic when thrown into the pot, and stack beautifully! Also oiling
them brings out the colors, of the chip and edgespots, and makes the chips stay
together when stacked, ie; they are less slippery, and will stack higher!!

Only real problem with these chips, is a non consistency of the thickness from one
denom to the other! $1 and $1000 chips are thicker than the 5¢ and 25¢ chips! The
$25 is also thicker, but not as thick as the $1 and $1000! You may have problems
using some 100pc chip trays, as you will only be able to fit, 96 $1, $25, and $1000,
in these trays, whereas the other denoms fit 100pc!!

This maybe because they come from different batches, or a mold inconsistency, from
one denom to the other, just make sure you don\'t buy the chip tray for the Paulsons,
and buy the slightly larger trays that are available, most sellers distinguish the two types!

Overall I give these Chips a 9 out of 10!

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