Informations about Ceramicchips


- Ceramichips get more and more pupular in Casinos, because of the outstanding ceramicchip designing possibilities. The famous Navada Jacks and EPT chips are ceramicchips.
- Their weight is about 10g.
- The plain and sides of a ceramicchip can be printed with spectacular chip-designs and - colours.
- For this reason a ceramicchip is a very good choice for a custom chip: The complete surface of such a chip can be designed individually. This is not possible with usual plastic- or claychips - if you not order a very huge amount of chips (>100.000).
- They can be produced with or without a texture, are very good to handle, have a nice chipsound und are very robust.
- For all that they are cheaper as claychips.
- Some ceramicchips (like our Sun-Fly chips) can even be printed with a different front and back design and with aligned edge spots (picture below).

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